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We can host, update and otherwise maintain your site(s) for you, or set up software systems and provide training and support so that you can manage some or even all of your hosting and maintenance needs in house.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems can enable you to update your own pages, especially ones that change frequently. Typical uses could be news or announcements (for just about any site), cars for sale (for online car dealerships), menus (for restaurant or hotel websites), etc.

These days we tend to recommend using either Wordpress or Drupal as a CMS, rather than a bespoke system. They have become even easier for our clients to use in the last couple of years, and a wide variety of plugins or modules are available to help customise your sites for particular tasks.

After installing the CMS and building your initial site, we can help you learn how to update your own site, while still doing period checks on copy, backups and software updates for you, should you want us to. You can rest assured that we are there to help whenever needed.


Our shared servers support a variety of databases, but we specialise in systems suitable for most small and medium-sized enterprises - principally MySQL with Apache on Linux or Unix servers.

We can design and construct complete systems or help you to design and build your own, utilising skills you already have in house.

If you require more powerful processing and security than shared servers can deliver, we can advise on (and provide) hosting on dedicated servers, along with all server and database management required.

Please get in touch to informally discuss your own needs and the options available to you.

Please contact us to informally discuss your own needs and the options available to you.

We are also interested in hearing from FE colleges, commercial training organisations, business schools and universities who wish to outsource work to us.

For the expertise and experience on offer, our rates are highly competitive.

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